Thursday, 22 September 2011

My fictional characters

It occurred to me that I've told you my books are on Kindle, given you the titles, yet done all that assuming you know what I'm talking about. Perhaps you don't, so let's change that.

I write light-hearted crime books, and the main character is Jack Scott. Ex-army, ex-drunk, then a maker of excellent toy soldiers - which is still how he earns his living - and now an amateur private eye. He lives in a stone farmhouse in North Wales, loves Gibraltar. 

He has a girl friend, Sian Laidlaw. Sian is also ex-army, a karate expert, used to teach on survival courses for top executives. She and Jack are... well, on and off, if I can put it that way. No sign of marriage yet, but I think I'll eventually force them into it!

The third person in the team is Calum Wick. Calum is a Scot who paints toy soldiers for Jack and makes money in other undisclosed ways (probably illegal). Bearded, wears glasses, and he and Jack often argue. They met when Jack saved Calum from getting badly beaten up in Brixton, and have been colleagues ever since. 

There's another man who's not quite part of the team but always helps out. A middle-aged Liverpool scallie called Stan Jones who, because of Welsh connections and his favourite transport, is known as Jones the Van

Cops? Yes, there are three regulars. One is a Welsh DI, Alun Morgan, who works out of Bethesda, the others are DI Mike Haggard and DS Willie Vine of the Merseyside police.

There are just two more regulars in the books. Eleanor, who is Jack Scott's widowed mother, and Reg Fitz-Norton, an ex-diplomat who lives in Gibraltar and with whom Eleanor is now living. No, actually, she's not. They have their own houses but are definitely together in every other sense.

And there we are. An interesting bunch, even in that brief telling. They're fun, and fun to write about. I enjoy it tremendously.

Talk again soon. 

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