Sunday, 5 February 2012

Right, it's there!

D'Arragon's Axe was published on line yesterday, through Kindle Direct Publishing. That means it's available on Amazon. Though I say it myself, it's a good read - well, of course I'd say that - and, as it was written when I was a young man of 53, even I had forgotten a lot of the plot. Very English, lot's of references to the Civil War, and... well, I know you're going to read it so I'll say no more.

Here's the link:

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  1. I'll download this when I get back to the UK. I took the ferry to Ireland yesterday to so some decorating in our little house. Back to the UK on Wednesday. It's rather good being entirely on my own. Sadly the Irish radio, while certainly worth listening to, isn't up to Radio 4 or Radio 3.
    By the way, John, I am hoping to publish my great-grandpapa's journals on Kindle. I am minded to make it a freebie as it would seem somehow less than ethical to try to make money out of what were in fact letters to my great grandma, she having stayed behind in the USA while he went to Japan. But hey, anyone can see the journals in my family history pages on